Tankcleaning at its highest level

TRR Tankreinigung is your partner in Rheine for cleaning services. For the inside cleaning of your tanks, the TRR is using modern technics:

  • Three cleaning lines with high pressure technology
  • Cleaning of chemical and food products
  • A cleaning line structurally separated only for food
  • thorough, safe and environmental friendly

The modern and safe wastewater treatment with its biological treatment stages as well as the separate waste gas routing fulfills all requirements from an ecological and economic point of view.

Quality, Safety and ecological awareness is our fundament and the basis for all our services at TRR.

Our customers are mainly transportation companies in the area chemics and food. Within this transportation chains the cleanness is of high importance to avoid pollution or contamination.

We are cleaning road tanker, silo vehicles, tankcontainer and IBCs (excluding poissing, radioactive, infectious or explosive products).

service for the drivers:

  • modern showers and common room
  • free coffee!
  • loyalty program for the driver